4 must have products to get that ‘glass’ skin!

Hello beautiful ladies! For those who don’t know me, read my story here. In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance induced PCOS and my skin started breaking out bad. I tried everything on my face, from medications to treatments and home remedies. My dad once compared my face to an old mirror full of spots because of all the acne scars and spots. Below are some of the products that helped in my journey to clear skin. If you too are mesmerized by the glass like skin trending on social media and want to achieve spotless, even toned skin, keep reading.

Lactic Acid– It is a chemical exfoliating peeling solution that removes the outermost layer of skin leaves your skin, leaving it super smooth and clean with first use itself. I prefer the Lactic acid 10%+ HA 2% from the Ordinary as it is a gentler acid and better suited for south-Asian and coloured skin. However, you shouldn’t exfoliate your skin more than twice a week.

Glycolic Acid– It is a gentle exfoliating toning solution which helps you refine the texture of your skin and helps in fading acne spots. It is also effective in minimizing pores and get rid of the bumpy texture. I personally use the Glycolic acid 7% from Ordinary.

Hyaluronic Acid– This is the holy-grail product for dry and dehydrated skin. It is a powerful humectant, meaning it absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere nearby and draws the water vapour into our skin! It makes you glow and also increases the absorption of other active ingredients.

Niacinamide– A derivative of Vitamin B3, niacinamide is effective in controlling the oil secretion, thus keeping the breakouts in check. It works effectively to fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It gives an instant glow and radiance and can be used as a serum before moisturizer. I personally prefer niacinamide from the Ordinary or the Inkey List.

These products are not available for purchase in Canada. You can buy them online here.

Note : All these are products that have worked well for me and I have been using regularly. It is highly recommended to conduct a patch test before using them as most of them contains active ingredients that could worsen the skin’s condition.