Makeup trends then and now!

Hello lovelies! If you are new here, know all about me here! I have seen those makeup trends then and now videos all over Instagram reels and Tiktok. People doing their makeup like they used to do back in 2015-16 vs now. So, here is what have changed in terms of my makeup. Makeup during… Continue reading Makeup trends then and now!


The best facial sunscreens

Your best-friend for the summer! I have a special love for summer and I believe it is the only miracle treatment. Using sunscreen can prevent wrinkles, help you with anti-aging, fine lines, pigmentation and what not! Before I take you through the best of sunscreens, if you are new here, know all about me here.… Continue reading The best facial sunscreens


Here are 5 tips to even-toned skin!

Do you feel like your face looks darker in some areas compared to others? Do you have scars that loves you too much to leave you alone even though the acne causing it died years ago? Do you wish your skin colour on your forehead match the colour of your cheeks? If you answered yes,… Continue reading Here are 5 tips to even-toned skin!


4 must have products to get that ‘glass’ skin!

Hello beautiful ladies! For those who don’t know me, read my story here. In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance induced PCOS and my skin started breaking out bad. I tried everything on my face, from medications to treatments and home remedies. My dad once compared my face to an old mirror full of spots… Continue reading 4 must have products to get that ‘glass’ skin!


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