About Radhisha

theduskybrunette’ is a lifestyle blog, which revolves around beauty, skincare and lots of self-love. Here you can find product reviews, my recommended products and my journey from a self-conscious victim of bullying and body-shaming to the self-confident, bold woman that I am today.

Radhisha Pillai, author

Who am I?

I’m Radhisha and welcome to my messy world! I’m a Public Relations student and a freelance social media manager. I create content and help brands increase their customer engagement. A lifestyle blog has been a dream I have been nurturing for a couple of years now.

I am a skincare and makeup junkie. Everything I know about skincare and makeup is self-taught and derived from my own experiences. My skin has changed dramatically over the last few years, and I am proud of all the hard work I put into my skin. I have tried everything from home-remedies to chemical peels. My knowledge about makeup comes from a decade of experience in doing makeup for myself and my friends. I am a skincare and makeup hoarder and like to try out new products. I will only be sharing products that worked for me, and I can absolutely vouch for them.

How it started?

I am from Kerala, the south of India (south-asian country) but I grew up in western India. In a class full of light-skinned, straight-haired petites, I was a dusky stout with thick, wavy hair.

I never had any problems with my appearance until my classmates started bullying and body-shaming me based on my colour, appearance, and size. They called me a lot of names, most of which were aimed at my dark-skin. What is usually termed as fun and harmless can scar a person’s confidence, especially during the teenage years. I was so insecure about my looks that I would avoid getting photographed and hated going to events. I tried many fad diets and home remedies for skin lightening to ‘fit’ in with the others. The only outcome I got out of was my insecurity levels increased, and I was always too self-conscious about how I looked. It took me years after high school to see how incredible a person I am and finally accept me the way I am.

How it’s going?

It took years to break apart years of social conditioning, stereotypes, and ideal beauty standards. I am confident about myself and every aspect of my body. And I never say ‘I have come to terms with my body’ because that indicates some compromise and adjustments. Instead, I have come to love myself because I know that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. I don’t fret over gaining a few extra pounds or a couple of zits popping up on my face now because that is NORMAL. Today, I am confident that I model in my downtime and aim to become a social media influencer. I am dusky, and I love it, and you should too.

Why you should follow this blog?

Today, I aim to have healthy skin, free of blemishes, spots, and hyperpigmentation so that these racists get blinded when my skin shines like gold! I want to call out pretentious beauty standards and promote self-love. If you feel insecure about yourself and the way you look, join me to know how I overcame my insecurities and discover some amazing products for that much needed TLC. It’s never about how you look; it’s always about how we see ourselves because happy girls are the prettiest, and happiness comes from within!!

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