Makeup trends then and now!

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I have seen those makeup trends then and now videos all over Instagram reels and Tiktok. People doing their makeup like they used to do back in 2015-16 vs now. So, here is what have changed in terms of my makeup.

Makeup during 2015!

I was doing my graduation, and finding my way into the makeup world. My makeup routine consisted of using a medium coverage foundation, without a primer. I am not so proud of it but I am proud of my journey. My main focus point in my makeup used to be my eyes and it’s actually surprising that I had the same eye makeup for over 3 years. A nude eye shadow, and heavy kohl eyed. I used to line my waterline too and it almost looked like a low key smokey eye. Rich, berry shades were my favourite and darker lipsticks were a trend during those days. I would rarely used blushes, bronzers or highlighters. Which means I never brought back the shadows I plastered with the foundation. Sounds horrible to 2021 me!! Here is a video of me recreating my makeup like I did in 2015.

Makeup in 2021!

The journey has been a long and knowledgeable one. Everything I know has been self taught. Today, I can proudly say that my makeup is on a professional level and I do makeup on others. Also, my makeup has changed after coming to Canada. The western influence can be seen in my colour palettes and makeup looks. Here are some of the best eye shadow palettes of all season!

My makup today consists of heavy moisturizing and priming, since I know now that a great base makes for a flawless makeup. I use very little amount of high coverage foundation and spend a lot of time and energy on blending. I always use three different shades to do my eye and I am now a forever fan of fox eye. I have gotten over waterlining my eyes with kohl and got a new obsession of using mascara. For my lips, I line and fill them before using the actual lipstick and my shades are more inclined towards nude palette.

On a normal day, I bring back all my shadows using a dusty rose blush while on special occasions, would go to the lengths of using concealer and contour to painstakingly create that perfect jawline. Thick defined brows is an essential. Highlighting is another obsession I have picked on the way and never let go. Here is a list of the best highlighters of 2021.

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