The best facial sunscreens

Your best-friend for the summer!

I have a special love for summer and I believe it is the only miracle treatment. Using sunscreen can prevent wrinkles, help you with anti-aging, fine lines, pigmentation and what not! Before I take you through the best of sunscreens, if you are new here, know all about me here.

I have seen many people avoiding sunscreen because of the white cast it leaves behind. Honestly, I am not a fan of it too. But then I chanced upon some of the best facial sunscreen that do not leave a cast!

Basically sunscreens can be of three types- mineral, Korean and natural. Korean sunscreens are my favourites while mineral sunscreens are the ones that often leaves a cast. But here I bring you some of my favourite from all three types that will leave your face protected, not a cast.

Mineral Sunscreen

These sunscreens use minerals as their active ingredients to fight the sun. Most commonly used minerals are Zinc Oxide and Titanium oxide, which act as a physical barrier between your skin and the Sun. The use of minerals is what causes the cast but some sunscreen brands have found ways to overcome this problem. My personal favourite CeraVe tint with SPF 30- it is a face moisturizer with a tint and SPF! What else should I need? CeraVe is one of my favourite and trusted brands as well and they are super affordable. Dr. Jart’s SPF 50 is another sunscreen from a trusted brand that will not break you out or leave a cast, for sure! Fab minerals SPF 50 and MD Solar Sciences SPF 50 are other great options to check out.

Korean for the Win!

To be honest, I am a little biased towards Korean skincare products but how I can’t be! They have worked their magic, time and again on my skin. They are lighter in consistency, almost gel like and blends right into your skin. You can apply it beneath or above your makeup- it’s that good. It protects you from UVA rays as well in addition of SPF. My favourite one is Purito Centella Unscented SPF 50.

Natural sunscreen

These are the sunscreens that use plant extracts and oils as a defence to Sun. Unfortunately, these resources are not fully tapped into their potentials and I hope to see more natural sunscreen in the future. However, my current favourite is the Beet Shield from Krave Beauty. It has SPF 50 and is a strong suncreen, however it has not been accredited as a sunscreen and cannot be marketed in the US.

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