Choosing the right foundation!

We meet again and this time, it’s going to be makeup!! For those who are new here, know all about me here.

Today, I am going to talk about foundations. It is called so because it is the foundation that holds all your other makeup, which makes it super important to have a right one. Choosing a right foundation is as hard as choosing the best face cream for your face. With lots of new foundations in the market and millions of reviews, it is hard to find the truth.

For beginners, who are still trying out makeup, there are basically three types of foundations- mousses, liquid and powder. The main difference between these are their textures and consistency. Majority of the early foundations were mousse, which made for thick and cakey appearance unless used correctly. Today, everyone is obsessed with liquid foundation and they should be!! I know I am. Powder or compact foundation are mainly used for touch ups or people who prefer very less makeup and a more natural look.

A good foundation should easily blend, provide high coverage and do not make face oily or dry after a few hours. Mousses tend to make your face shiny/oily due to their thick texture and could easily turn heavy on the skin. Powder foundation can be quick to use, but they make your face dry just like powders are supposed to. This makes liquid foundation the best bet. They make your skin look photoshopped but in a healthy, glowy way, perfect to flaunt in a ‘this is my skin but better’ way.

If you are looking for a great drug store foundation, Loreal Infallible collection is the best followed by Maybelline Superstay collection though the latter tend to oxidize on tan skin tones. Loreal’s foundation has a light water like consistency, making it a dream to blend while the coverage is medium and buildable. It stays on your skin without budging for more than 8 hours and do not oxidize. It do not temper with the skin except for a bit of shine on the T-zone. This can be fixed by applying mattifying powder on top and applying an oil controlling primer beneath. This foundation has been called the drug store dupe for Charlotte Tilbury foundation, which is one of the most favourite foundations of the Hollywood.

Cover girl Fresh Wear series and Revlon PhotoStay are some of the other good drugstore options to try out.

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