Here are 5 tips to even-toned skin!

Do you feel like your face looks darker in some areas compared to others? Do you have scars that loves you too much to leave you alone even though the acne causing it died years ago? Do you wish your skin colour on your forehead match the colour of your cheeks? If you answered yes, please keep reading! And if it’s no, congratulations! you are blessed with healthy, beautiful skin.

One thing I always wanted was to have healthy skin no matter what shade it was. I was mesmerized by the beauty of many actors, especially Indian actors who were breathtakingly beautiful despite being dusky. While they looked like a perfectly done tan job, I had four different shades of brown going on my face. But here’s what worked for me and might work well for you too because duality is not a virtue, neither for a person, nor for your skin.

Vitamin C – found naturally in citrus fruits, Vit. C is one of the strongest brightening agents in the world. It helps in brightening uneven skin tone, fades acne spots and removes hyperpigmentation. Add vitamin C to your routine and watch the skin change. It works best in the morning but never, ever step out in the sun without a sunscreen.

Check out some of the best Vitamin C products https://www.self.com/gallery/best-vitamin-c-serum/amp

Chemical exfoliation- I have mentioned in my first post how I prefer chemical exfoliation compared to physical scrubbing and the benefits. Chemical exfoliation is one of the best methods to remove all those burnt, dead skin from your face and let the inner skin glow.


Sunscreen- I can never stress enough on how important and overlooked is applying sunscreen every day. this is the real magic potion that can save your skin from hyperpigmentation, tanning, burning, aging, fine-lines and skin cancer. Especially people who tend to tan or burn easily runs a greater risk of hyperpigmentation and should never overlook this step. Remember, rain or shine, always wear your sunscreen.

My favourite sunscreen from K-beauty because Koreans make the best skincare products

I hope they work for you like the way they did for me! For more reviews and recommendations, follow me. Also, feel free to reach out to me, mail here or DM me on Instagram

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