The BEST lip shades for dusky beauties!

Hello, my lovelies!! One of the main reasons to start my blog was to address the challenges we duskies face, like finding the perfect shade of lipstick! Well, to be honest, it is a difficult task for women with any skin tone. I mean there is so much to think about before you say yes to the shade. The colour, the finish, the texture and how long it lasts; the list goes on! Here are three of my absolutely favourite lip colours that always, always works for me and I can vouch for:

Wine for the win!!

Diva from Mac

Duskiness and wine is a perfect combination if you are looking to go all glam. It enhances the brown skin tone, almost making it look like liquid gold. One of my most favourite, go-to shade is the Diva from Mac cosmetics; glides on like a dream on lips and has a smooth buttery texture. Makes you truly feel like a diva!

Diva shade swatch

Dusty Pink!!

Rosy Sunday from Lakmè

Dusty and dusky go hand in hand, especially if you are looking for a MLBB (my lip but better) shade. This is the perfect pink shade for brown skin compared to baby pinks which, in my opinion completely washes me out. My absolutely favourite dusty pink is the one by Lakmè called The Rosy Sunday. This shade is so under hyped but I feel this is THE best nude lipstick I ever tried!

Rosy Sunday shade swatch

(P.S – I would always recommend lining your lips with a darker shade before filling in with a lighter shade like this. It will make the lips look fuller and blend the colour better)

Bloody Red!!

Ruby Woo from Mac

How can anyone ever talk about lipstick without mentioning about this infamous shade? Red is that one colour that flatters every skin, you just need to find the right undertone. Though some may claim reds with orange undertones suit dusky skintone, I’ve personally found reds with blue undertone to be more flattering on me. One red I can always place my bet on is Ruby Woo from Mac cosmetics.

Ruby Woo shade swatch

What are some of your favourite lip shades? Comment below!

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